14 Reasons Why Feminists Don’t Speak For Me

Feminism is about equal opportunity for men and women, gender equality is not about hating men, free birth control, not shaving, freeing the nipple, abortions, playing the victim etc.

  1. Free the nipple & public nudity..  this is not going to help your social change for women’s rights, nor is this going to earn any respect. Your concern should not be about breasts, it should be on more important topics such as education, health care, etc. You are not making a life changing statement by having your breasts hang out, in fact, you’re probably doing the exact opposite.
  2. The apparent “wage gap”… it’s called unequal work. I’m just going to leave that there
  3. Free birth control… Now this one really gets under my skin. It is not the governments job to prevent you from getting pregnant. It is definitely not my job to pay for your birth control so you won’t get pregnant. If you can’t pay for your own birth control then you shouldn’t be having sex! I would like to keep my money. I need my money and I don’t need to spend my money on your birth control because you can’t take responsibility for your own actions. For those of you who say “I need it for medical reasons, not to prevent pregnancy.” That is what health insurance is for.
  4. If you want complete equal rights so badly then I guess you can sign up for the draft (: but according to Hillary Clinton women are the “primary victims of war”
  5. Holding the door is sexist.. yes, you heard that right. Some feminist believe that men holding the door for women is sexist. While you think it’s sexist, I think it’s respectful. It’s not that women aren’t capable of holding their own door it’s just a respectful gesture. The whole idea is for men to show that they are treating women with RESPECT.
  6. Feminist hate “slut shaming” and that’s all fine and dandy but you’re walking around topless… hmm.
  7. The solution for sexual assault is NOT walking around naked.. Of course, women should never be blamed for being sexually assaulted but the biggest part of your movement for rape culture is getting naked.. If you want to make changes your going to have to do way more than taking off your clothes..
  8. Men and Women were made differently. Women are better at some things than men and men are better at some things than women. Men are naturally more physically stronger than women. That is just a fact. Hence why you would never see a professional male UFC fighter fight a professional female UFC fighter.
  9. Free-Bleeding.. If you don’t know what that is, it is where women choose to not use feminine products when they are on their period.  You shouldn’t be ashamed of being a female and having a period but having blood flow out of you freely is very bad hygiene and is not sanitary. Just because women have a period and men don’t doesn’t mean we should just let it run freely.
  10. Feminism is a hate movement. It is about hating men.  Instead of focusing on equal rights you focus on hating men
  11. Not shaving.. Do you think you’re making a social change by not shaving…
  12. Hillary Clinton is a public figure for women’s rights yet she allegedly fought for a rapist in 1975
  13. Modern feminism has completely changed what feminism is actually about.
  14. Gender equality is NOT about walking around naked or abortions.


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