Blue Lives Matter

As I am laying in bed tonight my heart is very heavy. My heart is not only heavy for the Dallas police officers or Alton Sterling but ANYONE who has had their life taken. Death is not justifiable. Especially the live’s that were taken these past couple of days.

My heart breaks for the innocent Dallas police officers who were killed Thursday night. Killed while DEFENDING and PROTECTING the lives of the protestors who were protesting against them! Police officers who risk their lives every single day to protect the people and community they care about. Police officers who care deeply about this country, so much that their career is protecting it. Police officers DO NOT put your lives in danger and how dare anyone say that, white or black! Police officers are PROTECTING you. They are not racist. They do not want to harm anyone. Having the mindset that police are putting lives in danger is ignorant. No death is justifiable but if you COMPLY and LISTEN to what your authority asks  you, your life will not be harmed. If you do not perform criminal acts or have criminal intent, your life will not be harmed. If everyone would just OBEY the law and OBEY what police officers ask of them, YOUR LIFE WILL NOT BE HARMED. Police officers are human beings too, they get scared too. If you disobey them, resist arrest, threaten their safety, etc, they will act in a forceful way that protects themselves and their communities. They are human beings, they get scared and react but the violence would stop if everyone would comply with the law! This does not justify anyone’s death but it may help give an understanding to those who need it. Of course, there are a few police officers who may have bad intentions but most police officers just want to protect their community.

Instead of blaming a certain race or career lets clean up our act! Be law abiding citizens! Let’s come together as a country no matter what race you are. Let’s stop the violence and the hatred. Of course, it’s not as simple as just saying it but let’s get rid of the hashtags, having a hashtag that singles out a race isn’t going to help us come together. It’s going to divide us. Stop making it black against white. We are AMERICANS! Stop making social media the platform for all movements. Stop letting the media manipulate you! Start being informed before you go off on social media. Let’s have intelligent conversations with each other, not hateful arguments. Have an open mindset! Stop calling each other names! Treat each other the way you would want to be treated, but most of all be law abiding citizens.

God bless America




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