I’m Not With Her

For all you modern day feminists out there I would like to speak my mind about some things to you. Now, a lot of modern feminists LOVE Hillary Clinton, some don’t, but I have seen so much support for Hillary from feminists. I am utterly confused on how you can support a woman who doesn’t stand or support the same thing modern feminists do. I know that feminists are passionate about rape culture so it just surprises me that you would support a woman who freed a rapist. This isn’t news but in 1975 Clinton DEFENDED and FREED a rapist. A man who had raped a 12-year-old girl. A man who should have been sentenced to life got off with 1 year in the county jail and 4 years probation. But of course when this was leaked Clinton was quick to defend herself by saying that she asked to be taken off the case, but she wasn’t allowed so she decided that she had “professional duty to represent my client to the best of my ability.” I don’t know about you but everything that comes out of Clinton’s mouth seem’s to be a lie and that definitely could be one as well. This man faced 30 years to LIFE in prison but she obviously represented him pretty well to only get him one year in county prison.

Also if Hillary Clinton is such a powerful, strong woman you would think she wouldn’t stay with a man who has multiple accusations of sexual assault and repeatedly cheated on her. Hillary Clinton contradicts her whole campaign by staying with a perverted, cheating, lying man.  You want a woman in office who defended a rapist and chooses a life partner that has many sexual assault allegations and affairs!? You want a woman that knows about all these allegations and affairs and does nothing about it?! #ImWithHer, yeah you’re with a WEAK, LYING, MANIPULATIVE woman who doesn’t give a damn about what you care about. You want a woman to lead this country whose husband was partially IMPEACHED because of his affairs with Monica Lewinsky. How dare you call yourselves feminist and fighters for women’s rights when you want a woman like that running this country. Are you supporting the Clintons because you like what they stand for or are you supporting them only because she is a woman?

2 thoughts on “I’m Not With Her”

  1. Honey you are so special. I have read every word on this page and I’m very much impressed by how you express your thoughts and impressions. What we wouldn’t give to have more open-minded God-fearing people and our nation. It’s up to us to reach out to those who do not know the truth about our creator and what he expects from his children. I know a father in Heaven is very pleased with you and your passion for good over evil. I would love to meet you. My husband and I have been married for 52 years. We met at Appalachian State University. He was off hunk of a football player who went on to be a pro football player. I was cheerleader and homecoming queen. The perfect match? Answer is yes because we were ordained by God to be together and we have to serve him everyday of my life since then and will continue to Until We join him and Heaven. What a wonderful day that will be… Date of rejoicing. God bless you sweet girl and don’t stop being strong and true to your beliefs. I pray God’s blessings on you and yours doing the rest of your journey in life. I’m not always Celebrate life I celebrate death because that is the day I will truly graduate. With love Judy Mauldin

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    1. Hi! I am so sorry I’m so late responding to this, I’m still trying to figure out exactly how to access comments but thank you so much for your sweet comments. You absolutely made my day. & yes that absolutely sounds like a perfect match! Congrats on 52 years of marriage that’s so inspiring. I actually currently reside in Nashville so if you’re ever in the Nashville area please shoot me and email (spencer.brenna@aol.com)


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