The tolerant left?

If you don’t follow me on Twitter, please change that: brennaspencer, however, if you do follow me on Twitter I’m sure you have noticed the hate I’ve been getting. I wanted to tell you guys about how tolerant the people who tweet hateful things at me are. I’ll also screenshot some of the tweets.

Here’s how it started:

If you don’t know who Jaclyn Hill is then you are missing out because she is a phenomenal makeup artist and I’ve always enjoyed watching her YouTube videos. However, she favorited a tweet that was hateful to President Trump. I decided to comment on it. A pretty harmless comment, that I was disappointed and couldn’t see myself being a fan of someone so hateful towards our president. The left did not take that well. So then my next tweet was “this is Trumps America, if only I cared about your opinion” because I was getting so much hate…. LOL. It got SO much worse. (I’ll post screenshots of tweets I promise just wanted to elaborate). I was ready to argue with these liberals but unfortunately the only thing they say back is insults. If you want a good laugh, please take the time to read the screenshots below.

6 thoughts on “The tolerant left?”

  1. I think a majority of liberals or people who preach tolerance aren’t reflected in a lot of this. People have very strong feelings towards what they believe is the best thing for everyone, or themselves, and there’s a lot of anger when things aren’t going there way. You, being an up and coming public figure that is pro-trump, is an easy place to vent frustrations on the left side, but it is important to remember as your popularity increases that there is similar anger expressed on the right side to popular liberal public figures, especially when democrats control the white house. Just my 2 cents.

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  2. Found your blog via your Twitter profile – love that you stand up for your beliefs even when attacked! Don’t let them bully you into becoming a leftist just because you’re a woman! They claim to be so open minded, but can’t stand when someone doesn’t agree with them! Keep up the good fight!

    PS Nice job on Fox & Friends this morning!

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  3. Hang in there. That’s the age of your peers spouting all the liberal hate. My dad told me something when I was your age that sits true. He said if you’re 20 and a Republican, you might not have a heart. But if you’re 40 and still a Democrat, you surely have no brains.

    Let them get a half a career tucked away in a 401K and they’ll be singing a different tune. Paying your monthly bills while watching people squander the taxes you pay will turn most away from the progressive dark side.

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  4. I just want to say that I am very glad that there are people from the generations coming up that are as sick of the way this country has become as I am! I have to wholeheartedly agree with you that the LEFT is NOT TOLERANT, unless of course you agree with them. They are also the ones that for years have said we need to come together and figure this out, but lately who has been the first to, 1. Cause a RIOT? 2. Block highways and other roads, that I have to say it is illegal to be a pedestrian on a highway or freeway! 3. Bash the RIGHT and demean people that have their beliefs! If the LEFT is “TOLERANT” then why do you go after people that don’t agree with what you believe?

    Just sayin’!

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