Getting Started Owning/Carrying a gun

This is a question I get asked the most, some many people ask me how I made the decision to own/carry a gun so I’m going to go through my experience of owning and carrying a gun.

I would say making the decision to own a gun is a life-changing decision. You are making the decision to do whatever it takes to protect yourself and those you love. There is a lot of responsibility to own a gun and there are other ways to protect yourself (stun gun, pepper spray, pocket knife) but I will say I think a gun is the most effective way. The reason I don’t like the other options is that I never want someone to get close enough to touch me, a gun protects me from a distance which is what I like. However, your personal protection is up to you.

Step 1. Educate yourself on gun laws where you live. This is a really important step because each state has different laws and it can get extremely confusing and frustrating. The app that I use for state gun laws is called “Concealed Carry” this will not only help you if you travel a lot with your gun but will also help you understand the laws of the state you live in.

Step 2.  Deciding what you want a gun for. Do you want it just for home protection? Do you want to carry your gun for personal protection? Once you establish what you want the gun for then you can figure out what gun you should get.

Step 3.  Deciding what gun to get. The first gun I ever got was a Smith & Wesson .380 revolver. When I got my first gun I was not old enough to carry so a revolver was perfect for me. You want a gun that can effectively shoot and stop an attacker and of course one that you are comfortable with so you need to consider what type, caliber, and size gun you want.

Before I go on, my best piece of advice is to go to a shooting range and shoot a few different guns: types, calibers, size and figure out which is more comfortable for you. I’m going to give you the most basic information.

Type: Semi-automatic v Revolver:

I love my revolver and would actually prefer a revolver over a semi-automatic but revolvers are a little too bulky for me to carry personally. I am more comfortable carrying a semi-automatic than a revolver but when I am at home my revolver is my go to.

A revolver is a pretty simple gun. Revolvers have a cylinder with multiple chambers, I believe most hold 5 or 6 rounds. Revolvers have 3 different actions types. 

The pros of a revolver are they are reliable, they are simple so it’s hard for much to go wrong and are very accurate.

A semi-automatic gun is much easier to conceal because it is slimmer and not quite as heavy as a revolver. Semi-automatics have a magazine rather than a cylinder and can hold more rounds of ammo and can shoot multiple rounds pretty quickly. However, they are not as simple as revolvers.

I’m not going to go through the action types but if you guys want a post on that I would be happy to do it!


While in college I had a .22 handgun which I think was great for me at the time and having a gun at all is better than not having a gun but I do not think that a .22 is the most effective gun for stopping an attacker. I would say the best caliber handgun for home defense would be a .40 or a 9mm. I think the best caliber for a carry handgun would be .380 or 9mm. But like I said, this is all up to what you are comfortable with.

Step 4.  Gun safety. Owning a gun/carrying a gun should not be taken lightly and gun safety is the most important. I would recommend gun training if you’ve never been around guns or taking a safety course. A couple of basic rules that I go by are:

Never have your finger on the trigger unless you are about to shoot.

Always assume that all guns are loaded.

I don’t live with small children or kids and I never have. I’ve always lived with people who are trained in guns so while I always store my gun in a safe place, I’ve never really had to worry about my gun ending up in the wrong hands. So if you have or live with small children definitely keep your guns locked up and out of their reach. One of the biggest things I learned in training is that every bullet that comes from your gun is your responsibility.

Step 5. Lastly, practice. Practice the proper way to hold your gun, practice loading and unloading your gun, practice shooting your gun over and over, practice carrying your gun, practice drawing your gun, practice sighting your gun. Practice makes perfect and when you’re in a situation where you need to use your gun you will be going off of muscle memory so practicing is extremely important. Every day before I put my gun on me I practice drawing my gun.

April 7, 2018

Wow, my most anticipated article I have ever written (for now). SO many of you have asked me to write on my website about my experience through this whole journey so I will try my best.

For those of you who don’t know, on April 7, 2018, I posted a graduation photo on Twitter (the one posted). For me, this wasn’t a controversial photo, however, for a lot of people it was. Never in a million years did I ever think I would be on national news. I always grew up wanting to be famous, in fact, I always wanted to be on Disney Channel, but this was so much better. As you could see I received a lot of backlash for it and most people wanted my thoughts on the backlash and, to be honest, I thought getting the backlash would be really hard but I came to realize I had thicker skin than I thought. At first when I posted the photo I read most of the comments, a lot were good but of course, there were a lot of bad comments and although it was frustrating to read… it didn’t bother me one bit. I’ll tell you exactly why it didn’t bother me. Clay Travis and I had some twitter conversations once my photo started going viral and the thing that he said that touched me the most was “you rarely get hate from someone more successful than you.” Clay was also the first famous person that I talked to once my photo gained popularity and he gave me such good advice so thank you, Clay.

I posted my photo on a Saturday so it took a couple days before I got any huge attention. The very first big station to reach out to me was The Blaze, specifically the Doc Thompson show. I was a nervous wreck but for my being my first bigger interview it went pretty well. Next, ABC reached out to me and said they wanted to do an over the phone interview, I was hesitant at first but I accepted. I was busy working when they called so I rushed to my car and was also a nervous wreck, the desk assistant asked me all the questions and in the background, you could hear her fingers typing my responses so fast, this made me more nervous. The media attention kept growing and one day in class I got a call saying I was going to be on Fox and Friends… TALK ABOUT NERVOUS. I only had 24 hours to prepare. They booked a studio at a local news channel, I arrived at 5:50am and kept going through what I was going to say in my head. Being on Fox and Friends definitely was the hardest. I was so nervous that I didn’t eat for a day and my stomach was in knots until it was over. It was also the hardest because I was in front of a camera not able to see who I was talking to. The studio had Fox and Friends playing on the TV in front of me but it was a couple minutes behind so it was a distraction. After vigorously preparing I have to say Fox and Friends was my most successful interview. I then continued to be on NRATv and OANN Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler. After all these media appearances my nerves started to call down. I was then asked to speak at a Regan Day dinner here in TN and the next day I was to appear on the Huckabee Show which filmed right across the street from my house. Huckabee was probably my second biggest interview but was the easiest for me. My parents were in the crowd and Huckabee just made things seem so easy so for the first time I was not nervous and it was so much fun. Two HUGE appearances that didn’t get to happen because bigger stories ended up happening were Jesse Watters and CNN New Day. Although the interviews got canceled it was an honor just to have been scheduled to do an interview with both of them. Although the thought of doing an interview on CNN made my stomach turn I was still so excited.

Throughout this whole experience I gained around 63k followers on Twitter and around 28k followers on Instagram… this was so insane. AND while going through this whole journey I was also preparing to graduate. My life was the busiest it had ever been in my entire life. I was driving back and forth from Nashville and Chattanooga, trying to study for finals and make media appearances.

I couldn’t have done this without my amazing family and friends.

Mom, thank you for supporting me through this whole journey, I know it couldn’t have been easy for you. Thank you for being my best friend and helping me whenever I needed. Thank you for instilling me with conservative values and for raising me in a Christian home.

Dad, thank you for the constant love and support, I know it wasn’t hard seeing all the backlash I was getting, as my father I know you always try to protect so seeing people on the internet saying such hurtful things couldn’t have been easy, also thank you for making me listen to Rush Limbaugh on the way to school. You have been my role model and hero my whole life.

Caitlin, my sister, thank you so much for the constant support. Fun fact: my sister stayed up all night researching the TN gun laws because she was so scared something was going to happen to me. Thank you for being the best big sister and thank you for doing my makeup the morning of my national tv interview.



My Favorite Podcasts

A question I get asked frequently is about the political podcasts I listen to. I spend a lot of time in a car, driving back and forth from school, so I spend lots of time listening to podcasts. Here are my top 5 favorite podcasts:

  1. The Ben Shapiro Show: I’m sure this podcast is number one on many conservatives list. Shapiro is such a well spoken, knowledgeable conservative so his podcast offers lots of insight into the national and local news.
  2. Constitutional: This is a series that explores the constitution and our Founding Fathers. This is a really good lesson about our Nations history-highly recommend
  3. Rush Limbaugh Morning Update:  Perfect to listen to on the way to work or school. Rush is someone I highly look up to and if you’ve never listened to him on the radio you should because he is so smart and entertaining.
  4. Common Sense with Dan Carlin: Dan Carlin talks quite fast but it’s a good way to keep up with current issues going on around you. This podcast will also give you a good laugh.
  5. First Mondays: This is a podcast about the Supreme Court- really entertaining


Abortion debate?

Abortion has been a topic of conversation since the Supreme Court case Roe v Wade. This past semester I had the opportunity to take an American Constitutional Law class which I absolutely loved and I was eagerly waiting for the day that we got to debate Roe v Wade and the day finally came. Now normally before the days we debate we’re required to read the case before and figure out if we were the majority or the dissent. Now keep in mind I do attend a pretty liberal state university.  However, before the Roe v Wade debate we were required to do a couple extra readings. I wish I could link the readings but I unfortunately have no way of finding out what they were now that the semester is over and I don’t have access to the syllabus anymore. I was absolutely surprised at how manipulating and brainwashing these articles were, which I’m not sure why I was surprised because I go to a predominately liberal university. The article that I remember the best is one that discussed how life should not be based on a heartbeat but rather the quality of your brain stem, because your brain stem is what gives you your ability to function and your personality. Then the example the article gave was 2 babies were born, one had a heart defect and wouldn’t survive without a transplant and the other baby had severe damage to his/her brain stem. The doctors wanted to take the healthy heart from the baby with the damaged brain stem and give it to the baby with the heart defect because they said it would save the baby and they would only lose one baby instead of two. However doing so would be considered murder. This is why doctors playing God gets messy. So unfortunately both of the babies passed away. So basically you are not a human being unless and until you have a fully functioning brainstem. After I read this article I remember being so furious that I called my mom and ranted about how I had no case and I can’t debate it when these kids are being so brainwashed. Now lets be clear on something. Roe v Wade stated that abortion is a “right to privacy as stated in the Constitution” but actually the “right to privacy” is never mentioned in the U.S Constitution but the Supreme Court justices felt that “right to privacy” was a concept of “personal liberty” which is mentioned in the Constitution. However the justices completely ignore the “right to life.” But because the left ignores the science of life beginning at conception and the vital sign of life being a heartbeat they can get away with murdering babies.

Back to the classroom debate… I took my seat on the dissent side along with very few other people. It was no secret I am a conservative because my professor loved to call on me. Finally we got on the topic of how women should be able to choose what do with their bodies. One of my biggest pet peeves is this argument. I’m sorry ladies but a baby that has it’s own DNA and is a completely separate entity from you is not your body, it is simply just dependent on it’s mother. So I got called on and said just that. A girl directly across from me on the majority side kept disagreeing and arguing with me and she was getting no where because I was completely prepared to debate this topic while she wasn’t. Then my professor stopped us and said “What if we had artificial wombs” so basically you place the child in the artificial womb and it has no attachment to you whatsoever and it was like you were never even pregnant. That way the baby can still live and the mother can go on as if it didn’t happen. & The girl debating against me actually said no, and that women still have a right to choose. Now this is not my proudest moment but I actually called this girl a monster. I couldn’t believe that she would rather kill a baby than let it live. I was so sickened. Now it was a hypothetical situation and artificial wombs are not a thing but I still couldn’t believe it. After the debate was over I think the girl realized just how terrible she sounded and actually came up to me and apologized. Now did the debate change her stance on abortion? Probably not but did it make her think about what she was actually supporting? I think so.

As a society we have become so desensitized to murdering babies. We have no regard for human life. This is what is wrong with our society.

does this quote make you sick? “Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.”

or how about this one:

“The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.” Take a guess at who said these quotes. It was Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood.

I say all of this to spread awareness. How brainwashed our society is and how Planned Parenthood spends millions brainwashing our society. Abortion is murder. Don’t believe me? Maybe a partial birth abortion procedure might open your eyes:

  1. Abortionist pulls everything out, except the head, by its legs
  2. Then the abortionist stabs the skull and sucks the brain out, which makes the skull collapse so it’s easy for the head to slide out.

(I got this information from

Wake up America!! How are we supposed to make America great again when we are murdering innocent babies?!


*If I find the articles I read for my American Constitutional Class I will be sure to update this post and link them!


Comey Hearing

James Comey is the former FBI Director who was released of his duties on May 9 of this year (2017).

He had a hearing in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee basically surrounding the speculation of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Basically this is all you need to know.

  1. He confirmed that there was no investigation on President Trump and his actions.
  2. Comey stated he wrote memos of President Trumps conversation. He claimed he did this because he didn’t want the president to lie.
  3. He then claimed that he sent the memo to a friend and the friend leaked the memo
  4. Comey would not share information about Jeff Sessions & Russia
  5. Comey said he believed he was fired because of the Russia investigation
  6. In reference to #5, he also claimed he heard the president say so
  7. Comey admitted to AG Lynch asking him to call the Clinton email investigation a “matter” instead of “open criminal investigation.”
  8. MOST IMPORTANTLY  Comey stated that Russia had no interference in the 2016 election.

Although theres much more to the hearing than the 8 statements listed above, I do think those are the most important ones.

So basically to summarize there is still NO proof to the Russia allegations but of course liberals will still convince citizens otherwise.

So basically the leftist narrative was destroyed

Make America Great Again

Today we witnessed Donald Trump become The Most Powerful Man in the Free World. Donald Trump is now your President whether you like him or not. For me, today was a day of relief, hope and Making America Great Again. Easily one of the best days of my life. Our Founding Fathers wanted limited government, strong family values, low taxes and so much more. I believe Donald Trump can effectively bring our country back to what it was. I don’t expect him to fix all of the problems at once but he is a positive step in the right direction. Donald Trump loves this country. Right now we live in a country where people use victimhood and political correctness to take control and repress beliefs they disagree with. A country where our nation’s history takes the back burner in our school systems, in the words of Ben Carson, “If we don’t know our true national history, we won’t be able to recognize the way in which America is drifting.” A nation where freeloaders became more important than taxpayers. A nation where wanting to keep the money you worked so hard for is considered selfish. I could go on and on but I won’t. Instead, I’ll leave it at this, you can hate Donald Trump as much as you want and you can say that he is not your president, but having a divided nation is not going to solve any of the problems. You can sit and protest and riot but it does nothing but destroy your own cities. Let’s come together as a Country and work to Make America Great Again.

If you didn’t get the opportunity to listen to Donald Trump’s inauguration speech you definitely should. It was phenomenal.

Thank you for your service

It takes a lot to get me fired up and let me say that I am fired up. Three more police officers killed. Three more men who protect their community murdered. This will be the fourth high-profile deadly encounter involving police officers in the past 2 weeks. Out of the encounters 12 people are left dead, and you guessed it, 8 of them were police officers. Over half of those deadly killings were police officers. That should make you sick to your stomach.

The man who fatally killed these 3 officers and injured others was Gavin Long. Now I’ll give you some information that the media will probably leave out. First, Long has many youtube videos, and may I say they are very controversial. In one video Long is DEFENDING the attacker who killed the 5 policer officers in Dallas. He says “It’s justice, you know what I’m saying?” murdering innocent people who are protecting you community is NOT justice. Murdering men who put their lives on the line every single day is NOT justice. This man was also a Nation of Islam member. This man was reportedly a member of the sovereign citizens movement, which is  a movement that believes that they gets to choose which laws to obey and ignore. In some cases the members act out in violence. This man had such hatred in his heart. This man took the lives of three innocent men.

You’re going to murder police officers. Pretty soon there will be no one defneding and protecting your communities because no one wants to risk being ambushed and killed just because they are a police officer! Wake up America! This hate for law enforcement has to stop. These men and women put on a uniform for YOU not for themselves! They do it to protect the people and community that they love. These three men who died continued to put their uniform on even after five police officers were murdered days before just for being police officers. You should be ashamed of yourself if you’re protesting against police officers.

Long stood up for the black community. He had such obvious passion for the black community, according to his youtube videos, but he had a hatred for law enfourcement. So much so that he murdered 3 police officers. One of the victims was a black man, Montrell Jackson, who most definitely didn’t deserve to die.  Long had spoken about Alton Sterlings death and “fighting back” but in the process he killed a black man. In his videos he constantly used the phrase “You gotta fight back” and he even said that “zero have been successful just over simple protesting.” Well I guess his definiton of successful is murdering police officers.

But to honor the fallen police officers I would like to say. Thank you for you’re dedicated service to your communities. Thank you for serving even when protests were formed against you. Thank you for putting your life on the line every night. Thank you for your bravery and courage.

Rest in Peace, Michael Smith, Michael Krol, Patrick Zamarippa, Brent Thompson, Lorne Ahrens, Montrell Jackson, Matthew Gerald and Brad Garafola. And I pray for your families.